Well this is crazy news do we only have three months until real SHTF happens there’s a lot of theories out there and a lot of news that’s been putting out there and a lot of people saying that it could get pretty bad in the next three months so it’s time to prepare now for SHTF if you’ve been watching the news especially the world news if not make sure that you’re plugging into emergency preparedness channels like riverside Homestead life Alaska prepper pinball preparedness magic prepper Canadian prepper, Prepping channels like that will keep you up-to-date on SHTF situations prepping tips and what you should be doing to prep now. Prepper or not a proper this is definitely some SHTF type of news and you might want to start prepping think about food storage maybe your prepper pantry keep emergency preparedness in the front of your mind as many preppers are even the doomsday preppers have a leg up on a lot of people right now because they predict a lot of crazy stuff that could happen so the time to stock up now is now and get your emergency food and make sure that your SHTF prepping for 2020 to get that emergency food storage ready and be watching the news. Lots of great Prepping channels out there like I said gosh and prepping Canadian prepper Poplar preparedness will give you great news weekly and keep you up-to-date on empty shelves food storage prepping for SHTF so if I can give you guys one bit of advice it’s to start prepping now do what you can keep emergency preparedness in the front of your mind because if the big our country is going to enlist 1,200,000 soldiers then this thing is going to get a lot bigger than everyone thinks, Do what you can to prep now