My favorite alternative news sources.

Redacted News - Highly recommended.

Breaking News - Usually on top of any breaking news.

USA Watchdog. Gregg is former Network news professional.


The Hill

The Duran - These guys have good sources and cover news in depth.

Redacted News - A husband and wife professional journalist team. Very informative and entertaining.

Kim Iversen

Trunews - Alternative news with a christian perspective

Patriot Nurse - A good source for emergency medicine and news

The dark Journalist - Ready to go deep down the rabbit hole? Love this guy, kind of the Art Bell of alt-media.

Mike Adams - Natural News

Boots On The Ground - Reports from around the world from everyday citizens.

Canadian Prepper- A combination of survival and alt news format. He goes a little heavy on pushing prep items, but his news source appears to be credible.

Chad Prather

Evolutionary Arts - Combination of spiritual and news.

Vice News

Marfoogle News

Peak Prosperity - A doctor that offers both medical and financial advice. Very useful information on both fronts

The Epoch Times

The Gaurdian

The incredible Clif High.

jean Claude - Beyond Mystic