After Ripple, China’s CIPS Now Competes With SWIFT…Departure From US Dollar?

It saddens me that so many of my friends and family continue to be in denial of our imminent collapse of the dollar. They say the further back you study history the more accurate your predictions of the future. Empires come and go, that’s just the way it is. By virtue of the Bretton Woods system in 1942 the world trusted us and gave us the key to the kingdom by making the USD the world reserve currency. That is what has maintained the value of the dollar! Our politicians have weaponized that entrusted title by slapping sanctions on countries that don’t support our policies. Well, the world is now fighting back. Not if but when we lose that status the dollar will surely crash. You will lose perhaps 70% of any dollar-based wealth in your portfolio. Nobody really knows who created cryptocurrencies, but some speculate it was the elite to give themselves a way out when the dollar crashes. Precious metals, land, fine art have always been a safe haven for the elite. Why so many refuse to deal with realty saddens me dearly.