Pennies From Heaven

The Crypto Angels stepped up to the plate yesterday and hit a Grand Slam! Under the Big Top of the first annual Bitcoin Ben Meetup, spirits weren’t dampened by the much-needed rain blessing Blanco, Texas. The rain helped to encapsulate the love, and sense of unity of the diverse group of cryptocurrency enthusiast. There was an incident when the infamous, CKJ from CKJCrypto News stood on a chair and shouted: ” Ask Coinbase about Xrp.” What was meant by that your guess is as good as mine, but was shouted out in good-natured fun? The smell of gun powder lingered in the moist air after the show put on by the Texas Rangers. That was fun, exciting, and ” Very Loud”! Pistol Packing Paula entertained throughout the event as she worked the crowd with her pretty smile. That whip, Oh my!”. The vendors were courteous and provided invaluable information for the community. The thing that impressed me the most was the love and kindness of all the Crypto Celebrities like Bitcoin Ben, Bix Weir, Litecoin Lisa, Ckj and others. They were all so cool and down to earth. Then, of course, there was Drew and Brent the co-sponsors of the event. Touche! For a job well done. They were both helpful and supportive throughout the whole event. Drew promises that next years event will be bigger and better and hopefully a little drier.