Secured booth for charity and website launch at “Bitcoin Ben Meetup” despite terrible encounter with GoDaddy

I was debating cancelling my involvement in the meetup this morning.

Turns out my website did not have a SSL certificate. Now, technically since my site does not request any sensitive information from visitors it would not have been a problem. But if you are going to do things on the Internet you really can’t leave any risk to chance.

I proceeded to buy a SSL Certificate at Go Daddy thinking my problems were over. Turns out they will put the certificate on their servers and you are on your own to redirect to your website. Mind you my site is hosted by Godaddy!

I researched what was involved in redirecting my WordPress, Godaddy hosted site. I was in over my head! you had to script this change that and it would take 72 hrs. to process it was hopeless.

Then I youtubed my query ” redirecting website to certificate” and I found this :

It went flawless, now my site is protected and so looking forward to the Meetup this weekend.